Chronicle of the Amsterdam Festival SAX16.


Wednesday the 16th began the masterclass with Claude Delangle, Willen van Merwijk (Guillermo Lago) and Arno Bornkamp.


In the afternoon there were two collective yoga sessions for musicians led by the saxophone player Lisa Wyss (member of the Ardemus Quartet)

At night, the Arno Bornkamp’s students gave a chamber music concert. Among them were Maria Ramos with IllusTrio, Alberto Tárraga, Carlos Giménez, Juanma González, Juanpe Luna, the Portuguese Mafalda Oliveira, Daniel Ferreira, the Lagom Saxophone Quartet (a quartet formed a few months ago and the actually winner of the WMC Biënnale 2016 contest of Kerkrade of which  is a member Alberto Tárraga), the Ebonit Saxophone Quartet, etc.

Thursday the 17th masterclasses continued in the morning. In the afternoon the festival moved to the spectacular TivoliVredemburg concert center in Utrecht. Two rehearsal and the interpretation of the S. Sciarrino piece were carried out.

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In the piece participated a main quartet of saxophones, the Aurelia Saxophone Quartet that was fantastic. The 100 saxophonists were coordinated by Antonio Sola whose work was very commendable. The hyper ensemble was conducted very successfully by Juanpe Luna. For me it was a nice experience and an honor sharing stage with them.

Photo: Arnold Marinissen

The day after the masterclass continued and I had the opportunity to receive one masterclass from Arno Bornkamp. In addition, that day I could see the magnificent facilities of the Amsterdam Conservatory.

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In the afternoon two magnificent concerts awaited us.

The first one in the Amsterdam Oosterkerk by the saxophone ensemble of the Amsterdam’s Conservatory conducted by Juanpe Luna, with the participation of the pianist Maria Nemtsova and Claude Delangle. They performed works by I. Strawinsky (Petrouschka), M. Ravel (Piano Concerto in Sol Mayor) and D. Shostakovitch (Concerto No. 1 for piano, trumpet (saxophone / Claude Delangle) and orchestra).

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The second one took place in the Bernard Haitinkzaal Conservatory. A double concert by Claude and Odile Delangle and Arno Bornkamp with Maria Nentsova on piano.

The marriage Delangle played Prélude à l’après-midi d’un Faune (C. Debussy) and Variations (Aurélien Marion-Gallois).

Arno Bornkamp and Maria Nemtsova played three Hindemith sonatas. The English horn sonate and piano played with a saxophone in F, the alto saxophone sonate and the Op.11 nº4 sonate for viola and piano played with baritone.

Both concerts were sensational.

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Saturday the 19th there was a convention titled: «New discoveries in the saxophone repertoire and in the way of teaching».


In the morning:

Claude Delangle: «Studies: why and for what. Presentation of the new studies of Benjamin Attahir»

David Kweksilber: «Compression-Expression.» Form your sound and control in very different situations. He used different saxophones: saxophone in fa, saxophone in do, saxophone in plastic, etc.

Willem van Merwijk (Guillermo Lago): «Digital development in the classroom»

Koen Dries: The breathing in the saxophonists. Based on an own doctoral thesis. Training of muscles involved in breathing.

Wardy Hamburg: «Instrumental voice for baritone saxophone and amplifier».

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In the afternoon:

Hubert-Jan Hubeek: «The saxophone and the power of electricity». The use of all electronic tools in the classroom and on stage to improve and create.

Emilie Chabrol: «The ensemble of saxophones: the development of group pedagogy».

Sander Beumer: «An Introduction to Sigurd Rascher’s Pedagogy»

Ebonit Saxophone Quartet: «String Quartet of Mr.Sax»

Arno Bornkamp: Interview by Evgeni Novikov.

And at night, the world premiere of the piece «Clavelitos» by Juanpe Luna (accordion) and Antonio Sola (voice and green bottle).

Photo: Arno Bornkamp’s Facebook Profile.

Suggestions for going to the SAX16 Festival in Amsterdam.

You must:

  • Speak in English.
  • Bring your umbrella.
  • Fly with the low cost Transavia company that has direct flights to Amsterdam from different cities in Spain. Usually you can take your alto or soprano saxophone in cabine.


Highly recommended this SAX16 Festival (formerly known as the SAXOPHONE WEEK) that with so much affection organizes the Saxophone class of the Amsterdam Conservatory.


Many thanks to the Spanish Class and Arno Bornkamp for the good welcome and congratulations for the job well done.

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